Hair Loss In Young Women. It’s A Thing.

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Am I going bald? Is not a question a pre-menopausal woman expects to be asking herself.

Receding hairlines, conspicuous bare patches, and a sudden penchant for fedoras are typically thought of as male-specific phenomena. Surely, we assume, baldness is one of the few issues a woman is exempt from as she moves through the decades.

Well theoretically, yes. But in reality, an increasing number of young women are experiencing alopecia (the technical, and kinder, term for baldness) as early as their 20s. The reasons for this are varied and it can require some investigation to figure out why it may be happening to you, but in almost all cases of excessive hair loss in young women (which is anything over about 100 strands a day), there are things that can be done to reverse or at least slow down the process. 

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

Check your thyroid. 

Alopecia is technically classed as an autoimmune condition, which often presents alongside thyroid issues. When the thyroid gland isn’t producing enough of certain hormones or the production is dis-regulated, it can affect the development of hair at the root causing the loss of hair to exceed the growth.

This creates overall thinning and noticeable bald patches across the scalp. If an under or overactive thyroid is responsible for your hair loss, there are a range of measures you can take to get it back on track like medications, dietary interventions and supplementation.

Consult with your healthcare practitioner for a treatment plan that’s right for you.

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

Stress Less 

Stress can be a huge contributing factor to hair loss beyond a reasonable daily amount. The hormones of stress can overtax the adrenal glands resulting in increased production of testosterone and its derivative, dihydrotestosterone (DHT), which can initially lead to excessive hair growth but eventually leads to its opposite.

To keep stress in check, try gentle to moderate daily exercise like walking and yoga, spend time in nature, and practice meditation or breath-work to help rebalance the body and mind.

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

Rethink the pill 

The birth control pill is a commonly overlooked potential culprit for premature hair loss in women, especially if you have a family history of hormone-related alopecia.

The synthetic hormones in the pill, specifically progestin, can cause the hair to go from the growth phase of its cycle (‘anagen’) to the resting or shedding phase (‘telogen’) too quickly, which means more loss and less growth.

If you’re on the pill and this is happening, it might be worth speaking to your doctor about switching brands or seeking alternative forms of contraception. 

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

Nourish your cells 

As in all areas of health, nutrition plays a significant role in the vitality of your hair. Deficiencies in key nutrients like B-vitamins, iron and zinc, or extreme weight fluctuations – particularly weight loss – will greatly affect the growth of your hair and the rate at which it falls out.

Maintaining a diet full of fresh whole foods – including plenty of healthy fats – that is low in sugar, trans fats and processed foods, is paramount.

In addition, a supplement like Hair Activist specifically designed to promote hair growth can be extremely helpful.

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

Let loose  

Over-styling with too much heat, excessive brushing, and wearing tight pulled-back styles can stress out your hair follicles. There’s nothing wrong with occasionally letting your mane go rogue to allow for repair and prevent further damage.

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AEDE Hair Activist | We are Wellness Warriors | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia
AEDE Hair Activist | We Are Wellness Warriors | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia