Here’s How to Get Longer Hair in 90 days (Yes, Really).

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia

By now, we know that hair and scalp health can be affected by lots of internal factors, not merely the hair products we use.

From stress and poor nutrition to hormone imbalance and even medical conditions, there’s a whole host of things that can cause or contribute to hair thinning, hair loss and sluggish growth.

The good news is that, according to science, seeking out clinically tested natural ingredients can help. Happily, our formulations are built on such ingredients and have been shown to support healthy hair growth.


You betcha. Our hair supplements are engineered to aid and assist specific wellness concerns, and we take that responsibility seriously. Each ingredient, and every AÉDE formulation, is backed by solid scientific research.

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia


AÉDE Hair Activist contains core active ingredients that work in synergy to promote healthy hair growth.

Biotin: Vitamin B7 promotes scalp health. It aids in relieving irritation and flaking, which can hinder growth.

Riboflavin: Vitamin B2 mainly works as an antioxidant, fighting off free radicals that can damage hair cells.

Niacin: Vitamin B3 boosts blood circulation to the scalp and follicles, aiding in longer, stronger hair.

Vitamin C: A super-strengthener, it supports collagen production (the building blocks of hair proteins).

Iron: It improves the flow of oxygen to the scalp and roots of the hair, keeping your follicles and hair healthy.

Silica: Essential for the production of collagen in our bodies. Silica deficiency can cause weak and brittle hair.

Selenium: Helps to block free radicals from damaging hair cells, enhances hair growth and reduces dandruff.

Zinc: Balances natural sebum production for stronger, shinier strands - it plays an important role in hair growth.

AEDE Hair Activist | The Daily Dose | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia


In a nutshell: We formulate with higher amounts of active ingredients than our competitors. What does that mean? Well. Where other brands formulate with three to five main actives, we use twelve. (With a cast of impressive backup ingredients to boot.)

Our natural actives work together to deliver multiple benefits, from longer and stronger hair to enhanced energy. Oh, and we don’t do fillers, toxins, sugars or pointless add-ins.

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A daily hair supplement designed to support natural, healthy hair growth, boost collagen production and reduce free radical damage. It’s a game-changer.

AEDE Hair Activist | We are Wellness Warriors | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia
AEDE Hair Activist | We Are Wellness Warriors | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia