Harmonise Gua Sha Tool
Harmonise Gua Sha Tool
Harmonise Gua Sha Tool
Harmonise Gua Sha Tool
Harmonise Gua Sha Tool
Harmonise Gua Sha Tool

Harmonise Gua Sha Tool


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Stimulate. Uplift. Restore. Soothe.

A clever multi-purpose massage tool that supports a healthier scalp and promotes better hair growth.

Designed to be used in conjunction with gua sha techniques inspired by the time-honoured wisdom and principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this hand-carved stone works to gently boost circulation.

Our expert-informed scalp gua sha routine (find a demonstration video below) stimulates the many acupressure points on the head, helping to rejuvenate and restore hair follicles and relieve tension.

With four unique, thoughtfully-crafted edges, this beauty tool does more. A soothing scalp and head massager, it can also be used to gua sha the face, providing a more toned, radiant complexion; Harmonise is a simple way to indulge in high-performance, low-tech TLC from the comfort of your own home.

The perfect partner to our potent hair growth ingestibles, Power Activist and Hair Activist, Harmonise will level up your longer, stronger, shinier hair regimen and form the foundation of healthier hair.


Aéde Harmonise Gua Sha Tool can help with the following:

  • Boosting circulation for enhanced scalp and hair health
  • Restoring balance for a well-nourished scalp
  • Encouraging optimal hair growth
  • Relieving tight muscles and tension
  • Promoting skin rejuvenation; lifting, plumping, firming

Do not perform gua sha on areas with bruised or broken skin, active skin infections, varicose veins, sunburn, scarring or rash. Take caution when using gua sha on joints and delicate areas. If you have a medical condition or take medication, it's best to consult your healthcare professional before using a gua sha tool.

Made from hand-carved nephrite jade, a precious but extremely durable material believed to enhance healing properties. The high-quality stone is raw, which means colour may vary, making every tool unique. The Harmonise Gua Sha Tool comes with a plush suede dust pouch to keep it protected while not in use.

Follow the guidelines below, developed in collaboration with an experienced Traditional Chinese Medicine practitioner. Go softly – the aim is to stimulate the scalp without scratching or tugging on your strands. For best results, perform gua sha two to three times a week.

1. Using the curved edge of the tool, stroke in an upward direction from the base of the neck towards the nape, using mild to moderate pressure. You can also add a little wiggle to the pressing action if that feels good to you. Repeat the movement from the centre of the back of your neck towards your ear 5 to 10 times.

2. Using the long, smooth edge of the tool, work your way backwards from the hairline towards the crown of the head, pressing gently at that point, then moving slowly down the nape of the neck. You can use a combination of gua sha techniques here: stroking, circling, tapping, or pressing – whatever feels good.

3. Now, repeat step 2, but instead, circle your gua sha tool five to ten times in one direction, then 5 to 10 times in the reverse direction. Start at the hairline and move backwards until you’ve reached the nape of the neck. To further stimulate the scalp, gently tap or press along the midline with the comb side of the tool.

4. Starting at the hairline on one side, move your Harmonise tool around the ear in an arc, tapping, pressing or gliding. This is an area traditionally used to encourage healthy sleep, so targeting it can calm and soothe. If you like, you can incorporate rhythmic breathing into this part of the routine for a moment of calm.

5. There are many acupuncture points just inside the hairline used in acupuncture for facial rejuvenation. You can use the same techniques we’ve used for the scalp to revitalise the face, too - try circling, tapping, pressing or gliding to help promote blood circulation, stimulate collagen production and improve muscle tone.

Post-use, gently clean your gua sha with warm soapy water or rubbing alcohol and pat dry with a hand towel.


Never tried gua sha scalp massage before? Watch our how-to video for a visual guide to performing our custom gua sha scalp and hair routine.


Manual massage improves blood flow, boosting microcirculation and encouraging new, healthy hair growth.

Improved circulation restores and balances the scalp environment.

Rejuvenates the hair follicle cells, supporting healthy hair growth and reducing the risk of loss.

Acupressure of the scalp also relieves overall tension and soothes mind and body stress.

Actively assists with lymphatic drainage, which detoxifies skin and eliminates puffiness.

Increased circulation in the skin improves texture and elasticity.

Supports the stimulation of natural collagen production.

Relaxes and releases tense facial muscles, which may help smooth fine lines and wrinkles.


Like all good relationships, the one you have with your hair requires long-term commitment to flourish. Consistently taking a hair boosting supplement is a solid step towards healthier strands and we advocate our Power Activist Trio as a tool to begin your journey in achieving your hair goals.

In the first 30 days, your body will be adapting to supplement use and syncing to this new ritual. Between days 30-60, ingredients begin to be deeply absorbed by the body and this is where we have customers starting to see improved scalp health, hair texture and reduced hair fall. Within 90 days, hair results are sustained and additional benefits such as increased energy and immunity occur.


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