Aéde is born and bred in Australia, founded by haircare professional, Ruth Robalino. With extensive experience in the haircare industry, Ruth knew there was a gap in the market for supplementation that not only targeted those with hair loss but also those that have acquired a deficiency in the very nutrients that aid (see what we did there) hair health. Ruth understood that while topical products work well to assist with a healthy looking mane, real, sustainable change needs to begin from within.

After more than two years of intensive research and development, Aéde’s first supplement was born, Hair Activist, a pure, active, and proven formulation specifically designed to support hair, skin and nail health. But what works for one, doesn’t always hit the brief for another, cue Power Activist, our second addition to the family. Targeted at our beloved vegans and those that suffer from hair loss, prompted by stress, thyroid dysfunction, and imbalanced hormones.

We appreciate honesty and the same rings true for our products. We abandoned jargon and unnecessary additives, in layman’s terms, we only embrace what your body relishes, like potent antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals.

We are committed to fostering a culture of diversity and inclusivity, our key focus is in creating targeted supplements rooted in the tenets of self-love, honesty and uncompromising quality. We believe wellness is personal and ever-evolving. So while your path is unique to you, we invite you to join us on a journey of transformation from the inside out.

Our Promise

Our journey began with a simple goal, to create a hair-enhancing wellness supplement that did what it said it would. Sounds simple enough (obvious even?), but the formulations we found on shelves at that time were, ahem, lacking. From capsules that contained as few as two active ingredients, piles of sugar and even toxins, to brands that didn’t disclose their country of origin or testing protocols, the lack of transparency was alarming.

So, we set out to create what we couldn’t find. Enter: Aéde (pronounced aid, as in: help, assistance, relief).


We’re truth-tellers. We don’t do overinflated product claims and our passion for quality is unmatched. We’re passionate about creating best-in-class supplements that are also accessible, because wellness should be for everyone. And that means high-performance formulas that don’t cost a bomb. When it comes to creating Aéde products, these are the pillars that set us apart.



Our regulation processes are designed to guarantee every single ingredient we use is a) safe, b) stable, and c) uncontaminated. From where we source, to what we include (and what we don't), we’re driven by a desire to do good. For this reason, we only use natural, highly potent and bioactive ingredients of pharmacopeial grade to ensure maximum absorption. We always test for identification, pesticides and contaminants.



We formulate with higher amounts of active ingredients than our competitors, because we care about offering quality products that cater to your specific wellness needs. Our high-performance formulas are packed with potent actives that work in synergy to deliver multiple benefits for every body. We don’t do fillers, toxins, sugars or pointless add-ins.



Each Aéde product is the result of countless hours of testing combinations of ingredients, because our supplements are engineered to aid and assist specific wellness concerns and we take that responsibility to heart. Our experienced team keep at it until they discover the very best blends. Our results speak for themselves - just ask our passionate Aéde Activists. Every formulation is backed by scientific research and all of our products are proudly developed and made in Australia.


We’re proud of the natural ingredients that go into our supplements and test each formulation for potency, purity and efficacy.

We’re not about overwhelming you with scientific jargon (because what does ‘molecule multiplicity’ mean, anyway?), cutting costs or corners to the detriment of your wellbeing, or making wild claims we can’t stand behind.


Quality is paramount for us in creating a trusted, positive customer experience and ensuring long-term hair health results. All of our ingredients are chosen to deliver the best results possible, then they’re crafted into bespoke supplements by a team of local award-winning industry experts who specialise in creating complementary medicines.

Life requires compromise, but we make none when it comes to the development of our formulations and our passion for assisting you in your health goals.


It’s hard to imagine now, but self-care used to be seen through a pretty lackluster lens of attending dental appointments and running on treadmills to nowhere. Thankfully we’ve learned that the rituals that do your body good can also be a joy to experience. That’s why we’re committed to creating a range of targeted supplements to help every body.

We’re not here to focus on a sense of lack, but to help inspire and enhance your unique wellness journey to a healthier and enriched self. We promise never to sell you something because you’re not good enough. You’re already great, just as you are.