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At AÉDE, we do things differently.

We’re truth-tellers (we don’t do overinflated product claims for a start), and our passion for quality is unmatched. We’re passionate about creating best in class supplements that are also accessible, because wellness should be for everyone. And that means high-performance formulas that don’t cost a bomb. When it comes to creating AÉDE products, these are the values that set us apart.

AEDE Hair Activist | Our Approach | Pure | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia
We take quality control seriously

Our regulation processes are designed to guarantee every single ingredient we use is a) safe, b) stable, and c) uncontaminated. From where we source, to what we include (and what we don't), we’re driven by a desire to do good. For this reason, we only use natural, highly potent and bioactive ingredients of pharmacopeial grade to ensure maximum absorption. We always test for identification, pesticides and contaminants. 

designed to deliver the best results possible

Our supplements are designed to deliver the best results possible. (You’d think this was a given, but in an industry overrun with overinflated promises and fine print, it’s sadly not.) We formulate with higher amounts of active ingredients than our competitors, because we care about offering quality products that cater to your specific wellness needs. Our high-performance formulas are packed with potent actives that work in synergy to deliver multiple benefits for every body. We don’t do fillers, toxins, sugars or pointless add-ins. We do AÉDE.

OUR SUPPLEMENTS deliver equally on safety, purity and efficacy

Each AÉDE product is the result of countless hours of testing combinations of ingredients, because our supplements are engineered to aid and assist specific wellness concerns and we take that responsibility to heart. Our experienced team keep at it until they discover the very best blends. (Our results speak for themselves - just ask our passionate #AEDEACTIVISTS.) Every formulation is backed by scientific research and all of our products are proudly developed and made in Australia.

AEDE Hair Activist | Our Approach | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia AEDE Hair Activist | Our Approach | Hair Growth Supplement | Australia



A daily hair supplement designed to support natural, healthy hair growth, boost collagen production and reduce free radical damage. It’s a game-changer.