Burning The Candle At Both Ends? Here’s How And Why You Should Slow TF Down.

Burning The Candle At Both Ends? Here’s How And Why You Should Slow TF Down.

Taking time for thyself can often feel like a juggling act, like when are we supposed to fit that in amongst the chaos that is life? We might find ourselves in a fleeting downward dog position, almost resembling a monk and then we’re off running around like a headless chook once again. Where is the damn off button and how can we lean into a slower pace? 

Recuperation is a time that is needed and should be integrated into your health journey so that the body can simmer down and elevated cortisol levels can become balanced. When you are running around like an energizer bunny on speed, your body will hop into fight or flight mode, your cortisol levels will raise the roof and the anxiety starts to tippy toe in. Your body will begin to experience burnout, a sense of emotional exhaustion, physical and mental fatigue, energy depletion, illness can occur, hair thinning and fall out, hormone dysregulation, and skin problems. 

When you implement space and time to do the things that are going to fill up your cup, you can breathe a little deeper and you are less likely to experience burnout. 

Things that are going to help fill up your cup:


This doesn’t have to be strenuous, a simple coastal walk or a yoga class. Moving your body for 45 minutes per day, particularly in the morning as exercise of an evening will trigger elevated cortisol levels; will promote endorphins, those little bundles of joy that are released post-exercise, they also reduce your stress levels and enhance your productivity. 

Grounding in Nature 

Taking your shoes off and getting the tootsies in the sand or grass will help ground you to the earth. Here us out - research suggests that this technique reduces pain and alters the numbers of circulating neutrophils and lymphocytes, these constitute the first line of defence within the body against foreign invaders, it also affects various circulating chemical factors related to inflammation. So, time to get grounded. 

Adequate Quantity and Quality Sleep

8 hours of quality sleep is non-negotiable. Research suggests that short-term sleep deprivation, long-term sleep restriction, circadian misalignment, and untreated sleep disorders can have a profound and detrimental impact on physical health, mental health, and mood - you’ve been told. 

Infusing your nightly routine with proper sleep hygiene will enhance your sleep quality and quantity, and you are less likely to be cranky upon rising. Hop into bed earlier, switch off those electronics, read a book, throw your legs up against the wall and practice some deep belly breathing exercises. Future you will thank you. 


We know that this is a word that is touted by anyone who will listen, but it does work and you will feel a lot more zen if you begin to incorporate this into your daily routine. We suggest a guided meditation if you are new to the meditation game, our fave is ‘Open’. Watch how your day transforms when you meditate for 5-10 minutes of a morning. Using your breath will shift what no longer serves you and will move you in a direction that you ought to have found yourself. 

Cold Therapy 

Voluntary exposure to the cold in the form of cold-water/ice bathing is said to boost the immune system, treat depression, enhance peripheral circulation, increase libido, burn calories and reduce stress. By attuning yourself to the cold, your body will begin to relax, your mind will quiet down and your breathing will regulate. The stress and anxiety that you were once feeling will dissipate. This is a daily mental investment, especially as we are already experiencing the frigid months, but it is one that is worth the dopamine kick at the end, our feel-good hormone. Icy times ahead. 

Reduce Your Technology Use

Ugh yuck. How dare we suggest this! There are endless pro’s and con’s for the use of our beloved technology. Our iPhone allows us to be contacted via multiple streams, we can listen to our music and Google at a moment’s notice, but how does this negatively impact us? We are becoming sleep deprived thanks to its blue light, stress levels peaking, we are constantly comparing our lives to others, whether we care to admit it or not and physically our hands are experiencing Carpal Tunnel Syndrome as well as eye strain, not to mention how antsy we feel when we are without our phone. 

Our suggestion to all of this? Introduce technology after your morning workout and put it away an hour before bed in the evening as well as setting certain times when you scroll through social media. It’s sad to see it in writing but this is now the world we live in so we need to learn to adapt and set boundaries. 

Food As Thy Medicine 

Eating a wholefood diet will undoubtedly make you feel better. The less crap, the better. Imagine a life without brain fog, boundless energy and zero fatigue. Sign us up! When you dabble in sugar and ‘simple’ carbohydrates, it will spike your blood sugar levels and invite deficiency. A wholefoods diet is what our beauty trifecta is made of - hair, skin, and nails. Start here and see how your reflection and mind alters.  

Dabbling in at least one of the above practices will make life look a lot rosier. We promise.