Known for her signature minimalist style and stationery brand An Organised Life, Beck Wadworth has become a household name in the worlds of fashion, beauty and lifestyle.

This month as we spotlight some key female figures in the industry, we spoke with Beck about her approach to business, those who have inspired her journey, and some of her major successes along the way.

What is some of the best advice you’ve been given as a woman in business?

Work hard, be patient, harness your point of difference, know your strengths and weaknesses, learn from your mistakes, always look ahead - never stand still.

Who are some of your most inspiring female leaders and why?

I have definitely been inspired by strong women in business including some of my nearest and dearest Eleanor Pendleton from Gritty Pretty and Sara Crampton from The UNDONE to others like Jo Horgan from MECCA, and most recently Emma from Emma Lewisham. Each and every one of these women has inspired me with their passionate dedication and strong work ethic which has led them to be leaders in their industries.

What are 3 of your biggest highlights in your An Organised Life journey?

There have been so many amazing highlights along the way, from going full time on the brand, to employing a small but mighty team to moving into our first solo office. Each year has seen bigger goals ticked off and achieved one at a time.

Most recently in 2021, we picked up our favourite Paris-based bookstore Ofr. and this year we are aiming to launch into some of our other dream stores.

We’ve also recently been working with US PR to help expand our reach abroad and this has seen our stationery delivered to the hands of some incredible individuals including Margot Robbie, Phoebe Tonkin, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Jen Atkins, Athena Calderone and many more.

How do you strike the balance between business and wellness?

I always try to look for the positives in a situation and find when one area of life is unbalanced, I'll lean on those other areas for strength.

Creating a balance between business and wellness for me comes from understanding your peak productivity times. Personally I don't believe that you should push yourself to work 9-5pm if those hours aren’t working to your strengths. As long as you're getting your work done to a high standard, you shouldn’t be restricted to certain hours. Make the most of your own productive time blocks and take those little reset breaks when you need them (and even when you think you don’t). You'll notice the benefits and more than often, naturally you’ll end up feeling motivated, creative and productive when you are in work-mode.

Balance is prioritising your health mentally and physically. Personally, I think about all the different aspects of my life evenly. I aim to put the same amount of energy and effort into myself and my health/wellbeing as I do with my relationships and work. It’s something I’m constantly working on but it's something I place great importance on. Be kind to yourself, find the positive distractions and embrace your loved ones, tasks and other things that fill your cup.

How do you personally like to practice gratitude?

I’m a fan of self-reflection and journaling. I love to be present in the moment and to be grateful for each and every day.