Your Hair Growth Supplement Works, Here’s the Proof.

Your Hair Growth Supplement Works, Here’s the Proof.

If you've been taking hair growth supplements religiously and wondering whether they're really making a difference, you're not alone. The quest for thicker, healthier hair is a common goal, and the market is flooded with various supplements promising incredible results. (Plus, Google has almost 150 million results that try to answer the question: Do hair growth supplements actually work?) Let's dive into the science, plus a few testimonials, and find out.

The Science of Supplementation

It’s important to understand the intricacies that underpin the efficacy of individual hair growth supplements. Depending on your unique hair goals, you may require a different formulation to one that’s worked for a friend. For example, Power Activist contains a blend of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals geared towards increasing your daily nutrient intake to specifically support thyroid health (iodine), maintain hormone health (c/o selenium and saw palmetto), and increase hair growth by reducing hair fall (feat. Biota Orientalis, used for generations in TCM).

Hair Activist, on the other hand, is a completely different cocktail of active ingredients. It too, contains a host of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, but has been formulated instead to help reduce damage to all body cells, boost the body’s collagen production for stronger strands and improve scalp and skin health (horsetail, L-Methionine), to encourage healthy hair growth. 

By choosing a high-quality supplement with ingredients backed by science that addresses your particular hair concerns (hormone-related loss, breakage, itchy scalp etc.), you ensure you’re giving your hair the tailored support it needs. Basically, in the world of hair supplements, one size doesn’t fit all. But choose the right hair supplement, and over time you will see results.

Real Stories, Real Results

Yes, the science is important (you’ve got to know the formulation is rooted in research), but our clients tell us that they also take real-life testimonials into account when looking for evidence that incorporating a hair growth supplement into your daily routine actually works. These stories of transformation are genuine experiences of people who've witnessed noticeable changes in the texture and volume of their hair after taking Aéde supplements for 3 months.

Another crucial aspect to consider in your journey with hair growth supplements is the role of lifestyle. Hair health is intricately linked to numerous factors, including diet, hydration, stress management and overall wellbeing. Of these, eating a balanced diet rich in essential nutrients is one of the most important elements in hair health. If you feel your hair growth supplement isn’t working, it’s worth checking in on these – supplements can enhance, they can’t replace. 

Note: Seek advice from a healthcare or hair professional for personalised insights and advice.