If you’re in a hair rut or frustrated by flat strands, the warmer weather might be the sign you need to switch up your hair. In case you’re in need of excellent inspo for a fresh style for the summer season, we asked hair stylist, founder of Sydney’s most beautiful new hair spot, Salon Her, and bonafide Aéde enthusiast Michael Kelly to reveal his favourite new season styles that don’t stress out hair. 

Kelly says no matter which style you’re crushing on, maintaining hair health is crucial, whatever your length. “Regularly trimming your ends is key to making the most of any style. Eight to twelve weeks is a great time frame to keep the baseline looking fuller, thicker and ultimately longer. There is no sense holding on to hair just for the length - if the strands are stressed, they will break,” he explains. So which styles should you be cutting and copying this summer? This mane powerhouse has selected three favourites. 

Modern Shag

Kelly’s preferred way to rock just-past-the-shoulder hair length right now is a modern take on the Seventies shag. This summer, it’s best paired with a soft French bang for a low-fi suits-anyone style. “It’s wearable and soft. The fringe is minimal maintenance and can suit most hair textures, too,” he explains. To minimise damage, air dry your hair after applying a lightweight, moisturising salt spray which gives body and bounce without sacrificing any natural fluff and volume. Then, dress it up or down - this is an equal opportunity kind of cut. “It’s the perfect day-to-night style,” adds Kelly

Face-Framing Bob

Kelly’s other pick for the hot season is to keep things short - a bob that kisses the chin is the ultimate low-maintenance style, perfect for a long, hot summer.  “It’s easy to go from the ocean to the bar with this hair. Allow it to take its natural shape with nothing but the ocean salt,” explains Kelly. This masterful coiffeur says if you’re looking to find your PB bob, start longer and shorten it up over time. Don’t go too hard, too soon. “It’s easier to grow it out from a longer length if you decide it’s not you,” he laughs. His essential for this style is a curling tong to create a loose, soft texture without needing to add damaging high heat to the whole head.

Long Luscious Lengths

If you’re after a shortcut to long, healthy hair, Kelly says this is the style to fake it til you make it. “The waves can make your hair look and feel thicker and longer,” he says. After taking your Hair Activist, of course, use your hot tong on a lower level of heat (if your tool allows), then once completely cool, brush out the waves to create a loose texture that gives the impression of fullness and volume, no matter how many strands you have actually styled. And don’t be tempted to weigh the hair down with too many finishing sprays and fiddly stylers. “Less is more when it comes to styling products to create this beautiful texture,” Kelly adds. 

Cutting and styling isn’t the only way that you can add a little oomph to lacklustre locks. Kelly says you can help create the illusion of a thick mane with creativity when it comes to colour. The right mix of tones will help even the finest hair look thick, strong and plentiful. “Anyone working toward having fuller looking hair should ask for layers of dimension to their colour, incorporating natural depth as well as highlights, lowlights or even a mid-light to create soft texture between the tonal nuances in your colour,” he says.