A Moment With: Michael Kelly

A Moment With: Michael Kelly

As one of Australia’s most in-demand stylists, Michael Kelly sure knows his way around a head of healthy hair. After nearly two decades tending to the glistening locks of those in the know (he’s renowned for masterful colour and an illustrious career educating other hair stylists), Kelly has recently opened the doors to his own transformative hair sanctuary, Salon HER. Intimate and inviting, Kelly has crafted a whole new kind of luxurious salon. One that is welcoming and comfortable with a touch of nostalgia while still being heart-stoppingly beautiful. With a passion for educating his own clients on the importance of hair health from the inside out, he’s also the perfect hair master to be Aéde’s first-ever ambassador. We sat down with this experienced hair pro to discuss his greatest tips and healthy-hair essentials. 

What’s your best advice for healthier hair? 

Good hair starts with what is happening on the inside, so get good at looking at yourself holistically and stop relying on what shampoo you are using to be the holy grail. 

Why is hair health so vital to how it looks? 

Hair vitality has the opportunity to directly impact the way we feel about ourselves. I see a huge change in confidence when people have the hair they’ve always desired. Creating fuller and healthier-looking and feeling hair makes people happy. And at the end of the day, that’s why I got into the business – to change someone’s day, in the best possible way.

What made you choose Aéde for Salon HER?

Aéde is a professional hair product created for professionals by a professional. Hairdressers know hair, and the founder understands the concerns as well as the practical solutions. We’ve got discerning clients with their finger on the pulse of the what and the way of wellness for hair, so Aéde is the perfect supplement to what else we offer. Hair’s external well-being comes from the shampoos, conditioners and treatments. Having something that can address internal well-being just elevates the reliability of the advice we provide to a client. 

What’s the most common misconception you see about healthy hair?  

That hair loss is a reflection of your inner health because that’s not always the case. Hair loss can be genetically inevitable and created by your DNA. Fortunately, I encourage friends or clients to always be ahead of the change and as soon as they notice a difference, to go and speak to their GP for advice. 

What’s your personal prescription for healthier hair?

I take Aéde Power Activist morning and night, and I believe in lots of internal hydration, so I drink lots of water.

Aside from your daily Aéde, what can you do with thinning hair?

Lots! Put down the tongs and the irons, drink more water and less alcohol, stop over-bleaching, move to no-tox hair products and hair colour, stop tying your hair back in tight little buns with tight little elastics when it’s wet and start being as careful with your hair as you are with your skin. And stay away from gimmicky beauty hack portals like TikTok - they’re likely misleading you. If it was as simple as putting oil in your hair to get more hair growth, the whole world would have been doing it a long time ago!