If you’ve ever struggled with thinning, fragile hair or hair loss, you’ll know there are approximately 2.7 million topical products out there that promise to help. Thing is, while a volumising shampoo or thickening styling spray can certainly help to disguise hair loss, it won’t do much (if anything at all) to treat the cause. The good news? Experts agree that ingesting the right nutrients can go a long way towards achieving truly healthy hair. 
Ideally, a solid diet would deliver the all-important vitamins and minerals we need, but often real life gets in the way. That’s where hair supplements come in. If you’ve never taken one before, you’ll need to do a little more than just grab the first one you see – one size does not fit all. Some are targeted at reducing stress or balancing hormones, while others decrease inflammation or assist with nutritional deficiencies. So depending on the factors negatively affecting your hair, you’ll likely need a combination of ingredients. 
You might be able to identify the underlying causes of your hair troubles yourself, or a visit to a health professional may be in order, but once you know what to address, you’ll know which supplement can best help to nourish your scalp, strengthen your strands and – bonus – maybe even improve your skin and nails.
Keep reading to learn the difference between our two offerings.



Looking for a dynamic hair, skin and nails supplement that also takes care of scalp health? We recommend Hair Activist.

Our original formula. A potent daily multivitamin, it’s based on a nourishing marine extract and contains 14 powerful hair-friendly ingredients. Think of it as a solid all-rounder – it promotes hair growth, supports skin and nail health, boosts collagen production and reduces free radical damage. Plus, it contains biotin (vitamin B7) and niacin (vitamin B3) to assist scalp health by boosting circulation and relieving irritation and flaking.

Type: Tablets | Dosage: 1 tablet, twice daily | Certified: plant and marine complex



Looking to treat hormonal or stress-related hair loss? We recommend Power Activist.

Our first 100% vegan supplement. Formulated with biota orientalis (a botanical ingredient used in Chinese medicine) to increase hair growth, iodine for healthy thyroid function, and saw palmetto to help maintain hormonal health, it specifically targets hair loss brought about by hormonal imbalances and acute stress. It also contains zinc, selenium, biotin and vitamin C to help to keep your hair, skin and nails healthy. 

Type: Capsules | Dosage: 1 capsule, twice daily | Certified: plant and nutrient complex