As a model, and founder of a brand management agency Monique Barton (Mon) is no stranger to the ever-evolving ride that is finding balance amongst her daily pursuits.

Passionate about merging her internal and external worlds for the better, we spoke to Mon about her approach to holistic health and her growing love for natural remedies.

How do you seek to create balance between your physical and mental wellbeing?

I used to have a warped perception about what balance was and have since realised that 'balance' is just another word for being human. Balance is about light and shade, up and down, ebb and flow, just as what it means to be human. And so I feel that by allowing myself the room for error, mistakes or 'slip ups' without the shame and guilt attached, whilst celebrating the wins and the highlights, is what helps my physical and mental wellbeing work in harmony together.

Tell us a bit about your experience with natural remedies

What was once an unexpected journey for me, is now one that I feel was meant to happen. Some of my darkest times were when I had just started my course of anti-depressants and anxiety medication. I felt so far from myself and had no idea how to get back to her. And so finding brands, like Aéde, that exist purely to help individuals on their journey of finding balance has made the switch from western medicine to a more holistic, alternative approach so much easier and a lot less daunting. I feel so grateful to have access to it all. Not everyone gets that privilege in life.


What has surprised you most about switching to a more natural and holistic approach to wellness?

The effectiveness, to be honest. I feel like we're not educated enough on the natural world and how well it can actually support us, and instead are made to believe that *all* the answers are from a medical professional. Don't get me wrong - I feel that there is always a time and place for western medicine and advice from doctors and health professionals, however, we are a part of the natural world. We are part of our own problem and solution and by diving a little deeper and trusting in the power of nature, we can progress forward in a healthy way without sacrificing other parts of ourselves in which we can see happen with western medicine's side effects.

Show us a little self-love. What are you most thankful for or proud of when it comes to your body and mind?

I'm grateful, every day, for the way my body has supported me through everything. I have no shame in admitting that I have absolutely abused my body in my younger years due to naivety and the sheer feeling of invincibility, yet it has held up and allowed me to continue through some of the heaviest moments in my life.

I also, now more than ever, appreciate the wonderful things that have come from my parents. My skin is a symbol of my mother and every generation before her. I am proud to be in my skin, knowing that there has been a long line of pain and suffering and now I get to stand up, speak, and fight for them. I'm proud of the mind I've been given, equal parts my mother and my father and the experiences I've personally gone through as an individual. I find a lot of comfort knowing that unfortunate things have led to a wider understanding of myself and the world around me. My mind is constantly reflecting, thinking, understanding, listening and opening. We never stop learning, and that's why I've never feared ageing.