A Moment With: Olivia Bond

A Moment With: Olivia Bond

When we think of Olivia Bond, we can't help but think of diamonds and beauty. She has a thriving career, specialising in bespoke jewels - a tough industry to crack. Olivia is also mum of three and is as chic as they come. Essentially, we want to be her when we grow up. We recently sat down for a chat and to get the tea on her booming business, Olivia Bond Diamonds and juggling mum life. 


1. You have a career, you are a mum of three and you have an enviable social life, how does she do it all?

I think most people, and especially working mums, can relate to the fact that some days you feel like you have everything under control and balanced, and other days you can feel completely overwhelmed and like you are doing a terrible job at every aspect! I have learned to take a breath on those bad days and try to not to be so hard on myself. I try to look at my week every Sunday and make sure it isn’t too busy, and postpone things if it feels too full.


2. How do you find time for self-care and what do you do to fill your cup?

    Finding time for self-care is a lot easier than it used to be now that my children are that bit older! I acutely remember not so long ago finding it difficult to even get a shower in or get dressed. Although it’s still a very busy household with three children, they have grown and become more independent, I am enjoying the extra freedom this has given me. I think it is important for mother's to recognise that self care can be many things, it might mean going to the gym or doing your skincare routine, but it can also mean making time to have a meal with your best girlfriends. I will say that cuddling, chatting and laughing with my children will always be my ultimate in cup filling!


    3. What is a day in the life of Olivia?

      On a standard weekday I drop my children at school and preschool, then usually work out and sometimes a sauna and ice bath before heading in to the office. I adore being in my office space, compared to the chaos of my home, it feels like an oasis of calm. Usually my GM Natasha and I have a chat about which jobs are due each day for which clients, and will go to the workshop, which is across the road to check on custom pieces and discuss new designs or restocks. I’ll also often have meetings with clients for new pieces during this time or clients coming to try pieces on that they see online.

      I try to schedule all of my meetings towards the middle of the day so that I can leave in time for school pick up. I know not every working mum can do this, but when I can I collect them, I feel like I get the most from them in the car after school, and I get a better sense of how their day was. Once we are home, there is homework on the go and I continue working via emails and calls until we all sit down for dinner together at 5.30pm.

      I will go out a couple of nights a week for dinner or to an event, and if I’m not doing that I will be watching a series (lately I have rewatched the entire Soprano’s from start to finish, highly recommend this!!) or reading and eating chocolate.


      4. As someone that's created a notable brand with a strong following, how did you break through the jewellery industry?

        I wish I could say it was quick and easy. Overnight success this was not. It was incredibly slow and organic over ten years. I do think this is rewarding however, it means I have cultivated an authentic and engaged following over this time and as a result built real relationships with my clients over the years. I think these days brands are chasing a viral post or product, which works for some industries but I am definitely more interested in a slow growing and meaningful connection. Jewels are meant to last a lifetime (and beyond) after all.


        5. Where do you get your creative juices for each collection?

          It can be so difficult to find space to be creative when you feel overly busy and running from one commitment to another. Lately I’ve found a good way for me to get uninterrupted time is when I am walking or exercising outside. I think less time on screens mindlessly scrolling always helps with creativity! I also have a large collection of vintage and current jewellery coffee table books that I love to flick through when I’m feeling stuck. My latest favourite is one my good friend gave me called ‘Ice Cold’, which details the jewellery history of Hip-Hop culture. So good!


          6. What’s on your beauty hit list right now?

            In terms of skincare products, I have been a Rationale girl for years. This year I am keen to start introducing some more heavy duty treatments such as Ultraformer, microneedling and laser treatments to my routine. Also, I’m becoming increasingly interested in ingestible beauty and am watching that space.


            7. What's your non negotiable product or treatment that helps you maintain your luscious locks?

              My main issue is volume, so I am obsessed with a good clean dry shampoo! I would love to expand my knowledge of hair care products as I do think this is a fast, developing space.


              8. What advice would you give to your younger self?

              There are so many pieces of advice but I think the over arching theme is that your instinct is valuable, learn to listen to it.