The internet is a magnificent resource for information, but it's also a place where myths and misinformation abound, especially when it comes to hair and health-related advice.

And while we're not here to give you personalised instruction on how to manage something as serious as hair loss, we can shoot down a few problematic myths.

From the idea that baldness comes from your mum's side of the family, which is so prevalent it's often accepted as fact, to the notion that masturbation can cause hair loss (spoiler: it doesn't), we're setting a few things straight.


1. Daily Shampooing Causes Hair Loss

While it may seem as though you're losing a small handful of hair every time you wash your hair, it's perfectly normal to shed 100 top 125 strands per day.

In most cases, shampooing daily causes you to be more aware of it.

2. Baldness Comes From Your Mother’s Side

While genes do play a role in hereditary hair loss, it's not necessarily true that these are inherited from your maternal family.

Hair loss is complex and can be brought on by fluctuating hormone levels and even ageing.

3. The Sun Can Make Your Hair Fall Out

Hanging out in sunlight without a hat isn't the wisest move, but it won't make your hair fall out. (And no, hats don't cause baldness either.)

It might, however, damage your hair which can result in less than lustrous locks.

4. Masturbation Will Make You Bald

This one stems from the idea that masturbation boosts testosterone which then increases levels of DHT, a hormone that’s been linked to hair loss.

The good news is there’s no scientific evidence to back it up.

5. Hair Loss Is Inevitable As You Age

Of course, it's common to deal with thinning and hair loss as you age, but baldness isn't inescapable for everyone.

When hair loss is caused by things like nutritional deficiency or stress, there are things you can do to halt it.

6. Dandruff Can Lead to Baldness

Dandruff is generally caused by a dry and itchy scalp or a specific fungus that irritates the scalp, causing flaking.

Most of the time, this causes scratching, which can lead to breakage, but dandruff alone doesn't cause hair fall.

7. Stress Is the Reason You’re Going Bald

Stress and anxiety can indeed trigger hair loss. However, stress-induced hair loss tends to be temporary.

When the stressor is removed, hair should grow back. In the meantime, a supplement like Hair Activist can help.

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