A Moment With: Paloma

A Moment With: Paloma

That saying “if you know, you know” - that’s what comes to mind when we think of PALOMA Salon. Becoming home to some of Sydney’s A-List clients, PALOMA Salon brings a refreshing take on hairstyling and holistic haircare.

Founded by Paloma Rose Garcia, her passion for climate change action has extended to every corner of her business, allowing the space to be run at 98% sustainability. 

We spoke with Paloma to learn more about the ethos behind her salon and why this very approach is creating a chain reaction of head-turners across the city. 

What was the initial inspiration for creating your salon space?

To empower PALOMA guests to see, feel and believe in their own unique sense of self through rituals of self-love. To educate guests to understand that beauty is something you owe to yourself, nobody else, and to communicate that it’s cool to care - about what you do, who you love, the planet, the future, but first, we must care for ourselves.

How is Paloma different to other salon experiences?

The PALOMA experience seeks to harmonise hair, mind and soul through skillful styling, good energy and holistic practice. We take a sensory approach to self-care that goes beyond aesthetics.

How do you and your team embody a holistic approach to haircare?

We believe that real beauty is a feeling. PALOMA goes beyond hair to take care of your whole self through sensory ritual. We give self-care a sense of ceremony and meaning. From aromatherapy and massage, to affirmations and nourishing supplements, we consider beauty through the lens of holistic wellness. These small, supportive gestures make a big difference.

What’s next for Paloma Salon, anything you can give us a sneak peek on?

We are excited to be shooting a PALOMA campaign next week. It will be a true reflection on our beliefs and brand values.

What are some of your personal go-to remedies for optimum hair health?

I start with internal health - Aéde for giving my hair the best start; stronger, thicker and healthier hair. I then love a Pearl Powder for collagen before moving to topical care. I am currently obsessed with R + Co Bleu De Lux shampoo and conditioner, and then masque once a week. I avoid all heat on my hair to keep shine and health optimal and use Sun Catcher by R + Co and Split End Seal by Oribe.