This week we're focusing on the power of movement to transform our mental and physical health.

Now more than ever we have been challenged in our everyday lives by having restrictions around movement. Though we understand its necessity for assisting and maintaining our health, it can be harder to get creative and stay motivated with an exercise practice when routines change and limitations are in place.

In collaboration with Sydney-based pilates instructor Erin Brooks, we've developed a flow to help target stress relief, posture, and heart health.

The following 25-minute flow is broken down into these three key areas to help bring you back into balance and easily access the power of movement. 



This part of the flow will explore a short breathwork and meditation sequence to help clear the mind and prepare the body for gentle movement.

A combination of breathwork and meditation present a series of wonderful benefits including:

Lowers stress and anxiety
Improves cardiovascular function
Improves lung function and respiratory endurance
Relaxes your body and mind
Improves awareness
Enhances sleep
Helps to cope with pain
Improves mental clarity and focus
Increases self-compassion and the capacity for gratitude


We are all on our devices and seated at desks more often than we'd like in this period. As such, it’s easy to start rounding through the upper mid-back and experiencing pain through the neck and spine. This second sequence will help to straighten and reset your posture for amazing back, shoulder and neck relief.

Allowing the body to stretch and realign is key to enhancing your overall movement and ability to benefit from a stronger practice such as cardio.


Cardio is extremely important for cardiovascular health, mood and overall wellbeing, though it can often be a practice hardest to get motivated for. We recommend adding in a small amount of cardio to a gentle mat flow in the instance you may not be up for something stronger like a run or HIIT class. This sequence offers a series of short and sharp exercises to benefit:

Cardiovascular health by pumping blood through the body and strengthening the heart
Lowers blood pressure
Increases brain function and power
Boosts mood
Strengthens immunity