Insightful, cheeky and to-the-point, Nutritionist and Founder of Cohere Studio, Georgia Forsyth is here to share her Little Black Book of Nutrients.

Committed to forming a balanced and fun approach to our relationships with food, Georgia's focus is on fostering health without judgement.

Explore her take on key nutrients for the body and how you can get these "badboys" really working for you.

The power of nutrition

Drown yourself in greens, put those Lululemons to the test, swish around only happy thoughts, and come hell or high water, you’ll be a fountain of youth -  dream scenario. As a collective, we are all striving and craving some sort of equilibrium. There is a plethora of diet tips and tricks out there, all pining for our attention, and prompting intrigue. It almost feels like you are dating your pantry, swiping left and right of each food group, with the hope of finding the one that your tastebuds and rig will be content with. So, how can we walk this wellbeing tightrope without falling off?

When the Date Goes Wrong 

Each bodily system is inextricably intertwined, so when we have lost our footing i.e. when an unexpected conniption ascends aka the return of fuckboy, each system is running for cover and waiting for the storm to pass. Once we have brushed ourselves off, our insides are so bewildered by what has just transpired that the body needs time to readjust. This is when things start to feel sluggish - cue hormonal imbalances, gut dysbiosis, weakened immunity, a decrease in mood and energy, and as a result, will be a reflection in our complexion and mane. Cheque, please!

The Usual Suspects 

Allow me to introduce to you your macronutrients, these are the OGs and need to be incorporated at each and every meal. No excuses. First on the leader block, protein, this is our main man. He keeps you full, aids weight loss, promotes muscle synthesis, supports hormone production, improves gut health, and provides an overall sense of security within thyself. Honestly, swipe right. Often ridiculed for ‘muscle bulking’, but allow me to squash this faux statement pronto. Leave those muscles for him, he is only trying to keep you trim. 

Next up, carbs, aka sparkle guy, we love to hate him and whether we care to admit it or not, we always take him back. Carbohydrates are a fundamental accessory in our daily diet, they are your main source of energy, and if you are not ingesting a sufficient amount, we’re talking the low GI kind, this can wreak havoc with your menstrual cycle, leading to imbalances and irregularity, low energy and blood cholesterol. Not to mention, hanger. 

Lastly, healthy fats, always getting hate, and yes, these guys are out of your league but shit we need them to pump our tyres up. Introducing omega 3 and 6. These two help regulate the menstrual cycle, are anti-inflammatory, and help regulate our blood pressure. Such thoughtful gents. 

The Mr. Right’s

Micronutrients. If you haven’t started incorporating these committal types then it is time to get on board and amongst it. These are the vitamins and minerals that help keep the cadence going and prevent deficiency. A lot of micronutrients can be found in our diet but unfortunately are often reduced when cooking up a storm, are in lack of or due to malabsorption issues, which is why supplementing vitamins and minerals is always a winning combo with the above. 

The Power of Nutrition


Touted for holding the key to our beauty trifecta – luscious locks, an acne-free complexion, and healthy nails. His specialty is spurring growth and thickness, something the majority of us all crave. This young gun is also very much in love with your gut, he likes to repair the gut lining as well as a boost in immunity. It has been a wild ride as of late so it’s time to get serious with zinc, he wants to ensure that pep is firmly in your step, especially when it comes to that immune system of yours. 


For those that are unfamiliar with this unpopular yet impressive mineral, he plays a critical role in regulating oxidative stress, fertility, immunity, and most importantly thyroid function. The thyroid holds the highest concentration of selenium in the body, it is needed for regulating the homeostasis of thyroid hormones, and is a powerful antioxidant, which helps protect the body against free radicals, a known trigger for stress. Without selenium, you may notice hair loss, fatigue, and the potential for a thyroid disorder. Safe to say, he’s a keeper. 

The Bs 

Vitamin B is a water-soluble vitamin that provides you with all the feels, an increase in energy, mood, alleviates stress, and promotes cell health - what’s not to love? There are a few of these charmers floating about so let me hone in on a few of them. B5, also known as pantothenic acid, this pup assists with metabolising fats and helps reduce cholesterol levels whilst lowering cardiovascular disease risk. Prince Charming also relieves any buildup of angst or stress that is lingering in the body. Biotin (B7) metabolizes carbs, protein, fats, and amino acids as well as regulating the nervous system. When our nervous system is under pressure and we are not reaching adequate intake of our beloved B, more often than not, will spark hair loss, breakage, and brittle nails. B-line for those Bs. 

Marine Collagen

We now have the added bonus of marine collagen that has found its way into our daily regimen and quite honestly, our hearts. Collagen is the most abundant protein in the human body, it is responsible for structure, stability, and strength. As we age, we inevitably lose elasticity and collagen so how lucky are we to have this added extra because it certainly wasn’t added to ol’ gramps’ repertoire, I’ll tell you that for free. Enhancing collagen production improves the appearance of the skin and in turn we are less likely to look haggard when we turn grandpa’s age. Think of future you and let that marinade.