Where have I gone awry with my hair repertoire?

Where have I gone awry with my hair repertoire?

Oh the mane, she has a mind of her own. She’ll give you a bad hair day, she’ll throw you are knot or two, you don’t want an oily scalp? Well, you’ve just been granted one. All of this because she damn well feels like it! So, what can we do to keep her in check?

The goss on how to care for your locks:


Brushing top to bottom or bottom to top?

Starting at the root will pull the hair down, we suggest brushing from the bottom up to avoid pulling strands out of the follicle as this results in breakage, and quite frankly we cannot have that. Be gentle and work your way up with soft strokes in order to remove any tangles. Slow and steady wins the race.


Smaller over large (not what she said)

A good ol’ bath sheet is what we all crave and love after a spritz and a shamps in the shower. It provides all the warm and fuzzies, although, the same cannot be said for our hair. We know you have the best of intentions by doing it this way, you want to soak up the excess moisture in order to commence the drying process, but wrapping your locks up in a large towel will only add unwanted weight to your scalp, resulting in breakage.

Our suggestion? Use a smaller towel aka hand towel vibes to wrap up your hair. Bonus points for using a turban style towel.

While we are on the topic of towels. It is not best practice to rub your hair dry. Wrap your towel up and she’ll do the rest.


Don’t go to bed wet’n’wild

Sleeping beauty did not go to sleep with wet hair. How do we know this? Her luscious locks, of course. Going to bed with wet hair builds bacteria on the scalp. What the what!

The same rule applies with an overnight treatment. If you do dabble in a weekly treatment, it does in fact need to be applied to wet hair as it opens up the follicle, however, this should be a daytime ritual. 



If you love a styling tool then you’ll need to fall deeper in love with a heat protectant. Heat protection acts as a barrier between the styling tool and your hair. It seals in the moisture and fends off dry ends. It is a must when styling your hair with a heated tool i.e. a hair dryer, straighter or curling wand.

If you are using a heat protectant spray, it needs to be sprayed at a distance and on dry hair. If the hair is damp, you’ll need to wait a mo’.

Ready to re-style after a few days? You’ll need to reapply the heat protectant and then work your magic. 



Cotton and linen pillowcases do not play fair on the playground. Silk is your new bestie when catching your nightly winks. Why? Not only is it anti-ageing, anti-sleep crease, but you will not wake up looking like Cousin Itt as the glossy texture allows the fabric to glide against your hair cuticles, which reduces friction and therefore less tangles, and frizz.