Worried About Male or Female Pattern Baldness? Here’s What To Do

Worried About Male or Female Pattern Baldness? Here’s What To Do

Fact: Male and female pattern baldness are two of the most challenging hair conditions there are. And unlike loss and breakage caused by heat, mechanical or chemical stress (styling, brushing, colouring), they’re not easily fixed. That’s because this type of hair loss is thought to be caused by a complex and highly personal combination of genetic and hormonal factors. The short story? They’re much more difficult to treat. The good news is that in many cases prevention can be possible for men, women and non-binary people with a targeted supplement. We designed Aéde Power Activist to provide the building blocks of healthy hair and to help grow, maintain and strengthen strands by addressing hormonal imbalances for this very reason. 


While we know that this type of hair loss has strong genetic links, hormones play a very important role. In particular, sex hormones can affect hair growth – primarily DHT in males and oestrogen and progesterone in females – and cause follicle miniaturisation, a condition where the follicles shrink and produce thinner hairs. Once this happens, the follicles are damaged and can’t revert to their healthy former selves. Many other hormones need to be in balance for your hair’s growth cycle to do its thing, including growth hormones, thyroid hormones, insulin and cortisol - aka the stress hormone. When some or all of these hormones get out of whack, you can expect to see changes to hair strength, texture, thickness and fullness, plus overall growth. What causes these imbalances? Everything from stress to hormonal conditions, like thyroid disorders, PCOS, diabetes, adrenal issues, menstrual disorders, pregnancy and menopause, can exacerbate genetic hair loss.


If you’ve been diagnosed with an associated hormonal condition, you’ll need to see your health professional for tailored medical advice. That said, a supplement may be helpful in supporting hormone health which can, in turn, stunt hair loss. Aéde Power Activist has been specifically engineered to target hair loss caused by hormonal imbalances and stress. Formulated with Biota Orientalis, a botanical traditionally used in Chinese medicine to promote hair growth and reduce hair loss and thinning, it also contains zinc, selenium, biotin and vitamin C. Iodine helps to balance and maintain thyroid hormones and saw palmetto helps to block DHT, a predominantly male hormone that has been linked with excessive hair loss. Think of it as a broad-spectrum solution to male or female pattern baldness brought on by hormonal factors.


Whether you’re treating a nutritional deficiency or seeking to balance certain hormones, results take time. You can expect to see a noticeable improvement in hair health within 90 days of taking Aéde Power Activist. Of course, you’ll need to continue supplement use to maintain results and continue to reap the long-term hair health benefits. Three months may seem like a long time to wait but trust us – you’ll be glad you made the effort.

Please note outcomes may vary due to individual health and wellness, including lifestyle factors. If you are experiencing significant hair fall, or have an underlying health condition we encourage you to speak with your healthcare professional.