How to enjoy the sunshine and those salty swims without the regret

There’s a lot to enjoy about the summer season - spritzes at sundown, evening swims, post-beach naps. There’s just something in the air that makes every day feel a little like a holiday. But, as with all good things in life, it comes with its drawbacks. For one, chafing. And then, all that heat, humidity, sweat and salt does some not-so-great things to the hair you’ve spent so damn long strengthening and keeping in good shape. 

But here’s the thing. If you play your cards right and swing into summer prepped, you can pretty much bank on avoiding hair damage control come autumn. So here’s how you can enjoy all that sunshine and your salty swims without the regrets.

Hydrate the heck out of your hair

The reason summer does such a number on hair health is because of how much moisture the heat, humidity, chlorine, salt and sweat zap from your scalp and hair. Dehydrated hair often means dull, brittle hair that’s prone to breakage. Our advice? Enjoy all the elements summer throws at you, just make sure you switch to a nourishing shampoo and conditioner, and get into a weekly hair masking session.

UV protection isn’t just for your body

You’re pretty diligent with making sure you’re protecting your skin from those harsh UV rays (well, you should be), but what about your hair? Fun fact: Exposure to UVB can lead to hair protein loss, and UVA can compromise your hair colour. Translation? The sun’s not great for your hair, so it’s wise to invest in products, like leave-in conditioners or hair mists, that offer UV protection (note: these won’t have SPF protection).

Cover is your best friend

Staying out of the sun will make for healthier hair and skin, but that’s not always feasible in the summer months. The next best thing is a hat. Wide brim is ideal (and thankfully there are plenty of cute bucket and straw hats going around), but an ironic dad cap will do a great job protecting your hair and scalp, too.

Strengthen from the inside

Hair protection shouldn’t just be about all the things you can do to your hair itself. We know that when things are good on the inside, it shows on the outside. Which is why a daily supplement that can boost and maintain your hair (and general) health from within is an important part of your summer hair routine. AÉDE Hair Activist isn’t like those other hair, skin and nails supplements. Made in Australia by hairdressers from 100% drug-free & non toxic plant and marine-based ingredients with more proven actives than you can count on one hand, Hair Activist has exactly what you need for healthy hair growth (and it doesn’t hurt that it also boosts collagen production, supports thyroid and hormone health, and provides nutritional supplementation), and to keep your hair looking strong and shiny all summer long.