Amongst the almost constant chaos of the last couple of years, stress levels have been at an all-time high. The first aspect of many a beauty routine to fall by the wayside? Haircare. (Let’s face it – a messy bun was the lockdown ‘do du jour.) As we inch closer to New Year’s, we’re using that momentum to encourage a return to looking after our hair and, by extension, ourselves. 

At Aéde, we’re firm believers that haircare is intrinsically linked to the broader concept of wellness. So we don’t vibe with many of the usual New Year’s resolutions (think: ‘lose weight’ and ‘stop smoking’) simply because they’re rooted in deprivation. ‘Look after my hair’, on the other hand? It’s all about giving yourself permission to up the ante on enjoyable self-care strategies. 

Here, we’re sharing four haircare habits to embrace in 2023 for the healthiest hair of your life.

1. Revitalise your at-home routine 

It might seem like simple advice, but upgrading your haircare regimen can go a long way towards promoting healthier strands. To start, do an audit on your products. Discard anything that’s expired and check whether your products meet your current hair needs. Fun fact: these can change over time. If they don’t, go out and treat yourself to some new nourishing goodies.

Next, sort your routine. If you don’t already, set aside a day each week to deep condition your hair. This one couldn’t be simpler to do. Shampoo, then soak your hair in conditioner or a mask. Pop a hot towel over your head and let it sit for 30 minutes, then rinse for soft, hydrated strands.

2. Make a date with your hairstylist

It may sound counterintuitive, but regular trims are absolutely necessary for growing long, healthy hair. Snipping off split ends frequently is key – left to their own devices, they continue to split, travelling farther up the hair shaft and leaving unrepairable damage in their wake.

Not sure how often you should be booking in for a haircut? Every eight to ten weeks should do the trick. That said, it’s worth putting a tailored plan in place with your hairdresser to account for individualities like how much existing damage you’re dealing with and your hair length goals.

3. Try a hair health supplement

If you’re serious about looking after your hair, a hair supplement might be in order. Our Australian-made offering, Hair Activist, contains carefully chosen ingredients to bolster healthy hair growth, including riboflavin, biotin, silicon and zinc. It’s been clinically proven to support hair growth and collagen formation, which is good news because your nails and skin benefit, too.

For those dealing with hair loss*, Power Activist may be more your speed. Specifically developed to address many of the causes of female and male pattern hair loss (like hormonal imbalances), it works to improve hair health, growth and thickness – including scalp coverage. Bonus: it’s vegan.

4. Step back from stress

We know, we know, avoiding stress is easier said than done, especially over the festive period. But! Stress is a common factor in hair loss, and limiting it is crucial to the health of your hair. If you’ve noticed increased hair loss lately, don’t sleep on it – early intervention is crucial. Try these ideas to minimise worry and tension: make time for meditation or breathwork, move your body, spend time soaking up the outdoors, and regularly connect with the people who make you feel good.

*It should go without saying, but if you’re dealing with significant hair loss please seek assistance from your healthcare professional.